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1 mars 2012

Structure de base de « lambda bases » (pour mémoire)

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Pour démarrer Tpaedia et TinLisp (noms à choisir), et en utilisant fichier-segments-initiaux

So two tables, the one on the left holding the “one parameter functions defined by extension definitions” as “triples”, with first column the function ISCN, second one the parameter ISCN, and last one the image value ISCNs, all functions of one parameters in the same table in this implementation, even though only the “name1”(7.2.3) one used or written in this sketch.

The table on the right holding all “objects”, so “atoms” “functions as extension” “function as intention”, and “values”, in this basic thing. Three columns, first one the object ISCN, second one its “basic type”(also an iscn even though names used here), last one nothing in case of atoms and “function defined as extension”(or repeated iscn of itself), the actual value or literals for all “values”.

So in that case in the “atom and values table” :

–       5.2.41 for capital letter A, having basic type #atom and nothing as value, 5.2.x being the “prefix” allocated for all Unicode code points

–       7.2.3 for the “name1” function here defined by extension, having some basic type #function-defined-by-extension-of-1-param (could add other type (and table) for two params, etc, for practicality reasons in expression, one being sufficient with currying principle), and 7.2.x being the prefix of “all iscn concepts” in fact this one could be allocated in “Unicode concepts as well” using 5.3.x prefix

–       5.4.7 being the “slot” for the value of name1 on capital-letter-a, of basic-type “ascii-string” (could use utf8 all over here), and prefix 5.4.x being the one of “unicode world heap”

–       7.3.8 the value slot of name1 function on name1 with type ascii-string and value name1

–       5.3.5 being a “Unicode object” here the “greek script” 5 taken at random defined directly as an array here, allocated in 5.3.x prefix for “all other Unicode objects”, maybe better if “all other unicode objects” all defined as atoms, and the array in this case the result of some “value” function, but basically the idea here is to treat all Unicode defined objects as part of the environment, and so 5.2.5 can –also- be considered an atom, just 5.2.5 being the ISCN of the “greek script” strictly as defined by Unicode. And if moving from one choice to the other 5.2.5 wouldn’t change.

Then in the “function of one parameter” table :

–       first line the triple about name1 value of capital letter A

–       second line about name1 value of name1

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